Initial Acupuncture Session 

During your first visit, you'll have a lengthy discussion about your chief complaint, but you will also have a full Eastern medical intake to discuss how your body is functioning overall.  Even though you may be seeking treatment for fertility for example, how well you sleep, your diet, the way your digestive system functions, and other clues such as any seasonal allergies or headaches will help us make a Chinese medical diagnosis upon which we base your acupuncture treatment, Chinese herbal formula and dietary recommendations, all of which you will receive in the first visit.  The first session lasts about 90 minutes, 30 of which you will be peacefully resting during your acupuncture treatment. 

Follow up Acupuncture Session 

Follow up sessions last about 45-50 minutes as the conversation is typically more abbreviated.  You will discuss any changes in your symptoms or new information before receiving your acupuncture treatment.  As needed, modifications to your diet, lifestyle and herbal formula will be done to continue your progress.

Home Visit Acupuncture Session 

Concierge Acupuncture services are available for your convenience.  Whether you are on bed rest during pregnancy, have a difficult time traveling, or prefer extreme privacy, arrangements can be made for acupuncture sessions in your home.  Please contact us to inquire about pricing and availability.